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The IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is one of the most commonly administered form of light therapy in dermatological applications. IPL technology allows to treat your acne with specific wavelengths of light which target the bacteria in the skin, as well as inflamed sebaceous glands that contribute to breakouts.



IPL treatment cannot repair the scar itself. For example, some acne will leave the skin red or discoloured. IPL can help improve these types of epidermal changes from acne or acne scarring. The way IPL works is that a special Laser pulse is used to deliver quick burst of light energy under the skin.

IPL Laser

Laser Removal. Smaller, non-cancerous moles that don't protrude above the surface of the skin may also be removed with a laser treatment. This skin moles treatment uses intense bursts of light radiation to break down the mole cells in the skin. This method usually takes two or three treatments to eradicate the mole.

In general, expect a mole removal scar to take at least two to three weeks to heal. Some methods to reduce scarring should be started once the wound is healed. But initial care for the wound is essential for preventing and giving you the best chance at minimal scarring.


ND: YAG LASER - Tattoo Removal

The ND: YAG Laser is aimed at the ink particles under the skin which in turn breaks the ink down to smaller particles. The body then absorbs and flushes these particles out through the lymphatic system.

As the light energy is directed into your skin, it is selectively absorbed by the tattoo ink particles trapped in dermis of your skin.  Once the laser has broken the ink into smaller pieces, your bodys' immune system works to remove the ink over the following weeks, flushing it away from the tattooed area.



Laser hair removal is the most opted treatment method to get rid of the hair. When pigments absorb the light, the highly concentrated laser beams destroy the hair follicles without affecting the surrounding skin. Because, of the high intensity of each pulse received from IPL Laser equipment the hair removal procedure takes very less time.

  • The treatment is almost painless as the skin is cooled down before and after each pulse. Redness or swelling after the treatment is common and subsidies in a day

  • The treatment procedure is simple, safe and cost effective and most importantly does not damage the surrounding skin as advanced laser techniques IPL Laser is used.

  • The duration taken for laser treatment is very less, as a matter of fact the laser treatments for upper lip and chin hair removal takes just 5 minutes.

Multiple sessions for treatment are required to target the hair follicles at different phases of hair growth. 6-8 initial treatments with a gap of few weeks are required for best results.

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IPL stands for Pulsed Light, also known as photo rejuvenation or the photo facial. In a nutshell IPL treats the skin with quick and powerful flashes of light. The light energy then penetrates below the skin's surface, where the unwanted brown pigment (melanin) lives.

Depending on the wavelength setting, this technology is used to reduce hair growth and skin pigmentation. This is suitable way to treat both brown skin pigmentation (sun damage and hormone related melasma) as well as red skin pigmentation (eg rosacea and fine thread veins)

This treatment is effective for pigmentation and telangiectasias or broken capillaries.


It is most common to perform IPL treatment for sun damage. When treating sun damage, the IPLS or laser treatment heats up and destroys the skin cells that contain the pigment being targeted.

02. IPL LASER.jpg

FRECKLES are efficiently targeted with Q-switched ND:YAG Laser laser emitting wavelengths of 532nm, whereas lentigines are more amendable to treatment with ND:YAG Lasers at 1064 nm. The treatment usually ends with a highly satisfactorily result, with the scabs falling off by the seventh day after treatment.

ND: YAG Laser is a non-ablative laser which means that there is no break in skin tissue continuity during treatment. IT is designed to target FRECKLES at a wavelength which are

absorbed by FRECKLES (melanin) and the resultant heat will cause generation and propagation of  waves that cause damage to cells containing FRECKLES.

These damaged cells will then be cleared from the site resulting in lightening of the FRECKLES


MESOTHERAPY is a technique that uses injections of vitamins, enzymes, hormones, and plant extracts to rejuvenate and tighten skin, as well as remove excess fat.

In addition to treating wrinkles and removing unwanted fat, Mesotherapy is also used to treat hair loss from Alopecia. The treatment injects natural plant extracts, vitamins, or medicines like Finasteride and minoxidil into the head

People who perform mesotherapy for hair loss claim it: ..Delivers nutrients to the hair.



Truly Exceptional Results

Chances of result with Mesotherapy are 90-92% as apposed to commonly

used Minoxidil (Rogaine) only 50%.

Most forms of hair loss are caused by

  • hormone imbalances in and around the hair follicle

  • a lack of the right nutrients

  • reduced blood circulation



For optimum results, we recommend a course of 4-6 treatments of Mesotherapy.


Once you complete the recommended course, the results can last from 12-18 months.



Laser And Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Treatments – used to remove discoloration and/or tighten sagging skin. Chemical Peels – various acid peels used in different combinations to remove damaged outer skin layers


IPL Laser technology generates intense bursts of red and blue light. These heat the dermal tissue without harming or removing the outer epidermal layers of the skin. The body's natural process then work to break down and remove these marks. The appearance of any skin imperfection is then visibly reduced.

A cooling gel is first applied to this area to be treated and you'll be asked to wear protective eye wear.

The treatment is pain-free but you may experience a slight tingling sensation and have some redness after for an hour to 24 hours. Eqach treatment takes around 30 minutes and you will be able to leave the clinic immediately after your session.

IPL Results

Your skin will appear fresher, rejuvenated and younger looking even after just a few treatments. Visibly results can be dramatic with the increased collagen production toning and improving the elasticity of your skin. IPL is effective in itself but a combination of treatments could enhance results further.

We also recommend a top-up treatment once or twice a year to maintain your rejuvenated skin. Around 3 to 6 treatments at 5 week intervals is usually required.


Botox Cosmetic is an injectable wrinkle muscle relaxer. It uses botulinum toxin type A, specifically OnabotulinumtoxinA, to temporarily paralyze muscle. This reduces the appearance of facial wrinkles.

A Botox treatment is minimally invasive. It’s considered a safe, effective treatment for fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. It can also be used on the forehead between the eyes.

What is used for Botox Treatment?

Botox injections are noted primarily for the ability to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. They're also used to treat conditions such as neck spasms (cervical dystonia), excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), an overactive bladder and lazy eye. Botox injections may also help prevent chronic migraines

Is Botox safe to use?

Although botulinum toxin is life-threatening, small doses — such as those used in the application of Botox — are considered safe. Still the overall risk is minimal, and Botox is considered safe overall.

How long does a Botox treatment last?

In general, Botox lasts 3-4 months. There will certainly be patients in which in lasts longer, in that 4-6 month range, or shorter, in that 2-month range. It is also common for first-timers to notice that it may not last as long initially but may last longer after the second treatment

Why does Botox takes 2 weeks to work?

Why does it take time to work ? while some results are noticeable after 3 or 4 days, it can take a few weeks to see maximum results.   


  • No Rubbing or massaging of the injected area for 4 hours after treatment, including facials

  • No strenuous exercise for 24 hours after treatment

  • Keep upright for 4 hours - no lying on your front

  • Avoid headwear that is tightly fitted across the forehead.




Hair transplantation involves removing small punch grafts from the hair bearing scalp or a larger piece of this scalp from a donor area and cutting this into smaller pieces to use as grafts. These grafts are then relocating to a bald or thinning area of the scalp.

Depending on the size of the transplant you're getting, the process will take about 4 to 8 hours.

Beginning 2-3 days after surgery you can gently touch the grafts with the fingertips while washing in the shower. Avoid catching the grafts with your fingernails.

Hairspray and mousse can be used one week after the transplant but should be washed off daily.

Within 2-3 days after surgery, the transplanted hair will fall out, but you should start to notice new growth within few months. Most people will see 60% of new hair growth after 6 to 9 months

PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy for Hair

​​PRP is a non-surgical therapy in the treatment of hair loss. Highly concentrated growth factors in the form of platelets have been shown to stimulate new hair growth, thicken thinned out hair, and make hair transplants grow thicker and healthier.

Researchers are able to regrow hair in balding patients with a series of injections known as Platelet Rich Therapy (PRP). In the case of hair loss, the injected platelets prompt inactive or newly implanted hair follicles to enter an active growth phase, causing hair the hair to start growing again.

Who can Benefit?

The best candidates for PRP hair loss treatment are men women who, are in the early stages of hair loss, have small or isolated areas of hair loss, have thinning hair in an area where hair follicles are still functioning.


The technician injects the plasma into areas on the scalp affected by hair loss - usually about 15 to 20 injections per PRP session.

Acne Scars - Microneedling

A 2018 systematic review found that micro-needling is a safe and effective way to rejuvenate and treat scars and wrinkles . A press release from the American Academy of Dermatology also states that people can expect a reduction in the "appearance of large pores, fine lines and wrinkles, scars and stretch marks".

As soon as the deepest layers of your skin are penetrated by needles, "micro-wounds" are created. This triggers your body's wound healing process to heal your micro wounds immediately. However, the most dramatic results will not be visible untill four to six weeks after treatment.

Micro-needling is used to treat and improve conditions like acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, loose skin, skin texture, pore size, brown spots, stretch marks and pigment issues. It's also called skin needling, collagen induction therapy.

Micro-needling is generally a safe and effective procedure that can improve the appearance the skin. It may reduce wrinles diminish scarring and tighten or rejuvenate loose or aging skin.

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